Barca, Madrid hurt to use images of Messi with Marc Valiente

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has admitted that the entity has hurt Barca Real Madrid in its appeal filed against the penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo images of a play in which Lionel Messi tried to get rid of a rival.

“It is true that Barca has pained him to Messi being used. We did not like. But it will not interfere in relations of harmony and respect between the two clubs,” said Joan Laporta.

Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off last week after slap Patrick Mtiliga, who plays for Malaga, which ended with a broken nose from the blow dealt to the Portuguese.

Real Madrid have made claims to the Competition Committee and in them a tape of melted Sevilla Messi Marc Valiente, which were not accepted by the committee.

“What we have learned is wrong to involve Messi, because he is honest and loves football.’s A player who is not controversial and is humble. It meets all the requirements to be considered the best player in the world,” said Laporta.

The Barça president unveiled it has held talks with Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, but not to address the issue of the Ribbon Messi, but to discuss the possibility of joint action to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Laporta said Barcelona had already taken steps to support, through Doctors Without Borders, but does not rule out raising them.

Barcelona: “They are holding many years and I hope they go wrong again,” said Laporta on “Villarato”

Your opinion about the ‘villarato’: “Barca is a reference and therefore it is logical to attack us. The intention is to cut the advantage to take the ship. We are accustomed to, but not the first time they try, because we are the Spanish football reference. are enduring many years and I hope they go wrong again. “

Analysis: “We want to get iron to the case, should not fall into the trap. The Catalans have to continue to encourage the best ship in history. That’s what bothers them and bursts, so press.

His relationship with Villar: “There is no doubt of his impartiality and equidistance with all clubs, is the president of all and in my more than twenty years in office we had a relationship of respect”.

Del Nido’s statements: “I always respect what he says because Del Nido is a very clear and very direct. His head is well furnished and knows what he says. I thank you because you are trying to create an environment and an atmosphere not corresponds with reality and we must respect the opinion of everyone but make it clear that what he says does not occur.

The transfer of Keirrison to Fiorentina: “We’ve hired for two years, because we think he is a player with a great projection and at Benfica, because it cost him play regularly, it was better to move on. I think it will make a very good paper. They wanted a lot of clubs in Spain and other leagues but we thought that at Fiorentina adequate progress as a player.

The elections will be Barca’s June 13

On June 13 was the date chosen for the election of the president of FC Barcelona, as announced by the leader of the entity Barça, Joan Laporta, after the agreement reached today the board in a board meeting held in Vic

After being considered different options, finally on June 13 was the day chosen. A day without a game at Camp Nou and the season already completed, as requested by some of the players in the Barça squad.

There are already several candidates
To date, have already announced their intention to bid Alfons Godall vice president and Jaume Ferrer, as well as partners and Jaume Agustí Benedito Guixà. Is also expected to involve the former vice-president Sandro Rosell.

The last business day for the election was held on 15 June, so June 13 is just the previous Sunday. The new president, to replace Joan Laporta, would begin his term of six years from July 1.

In his appearance before the media, Joan Laporta, who was accompanied by the corporate CEO, Joan Oliver, said he has decision to choose on June 13 as election date has been confirmed Barça coach, Josep Guardiola, and has accommodated this date in the calendar not to interfere with sports and expectations to give “comfort to the entity.”

“We wanted to clarify a situation of unrest that existed in the state. This is the ideal date,” said the Barca president, who voluntarily decided to include in the minutes of the board meeting today to debate election date .

Date chosen by “unanimity”
Although there are two clearly differentiated groups within the board, and both have decided to undertake a separate path in the electoral road to the presidency, led by Alfons Godall and Jaume Ferrer, Barcelona’s president has assured that the agreement date was carried out by “unanimity”, despite the group’s second vice president hinted that he preferred an election not so long ago.

With this decision, the board must formally convene elections and the electoral timetable by the end of April, to meet the 40 days that includes that period.

Joan Laporta has been reported previously approved at the board meeting the day of elections, this decision had confirmed both with Josep Guardiola, coach of Barça, as with the technical secretary Txiki Begiristain, and both have given good date.

Just as happened in 2003, elections were held on a day when there will be no party, and is therefore considered appropriate that Laporta this because in those elections was a record influx of members to the polls, a fact that was decisive for him to bet on this date. “We have given priority not to interfere in sporting aspirations of the equipment of the entity,” he said.

Soriano: “I will participate in the elections of Barça”

Ferran Soriano, former FC Barcelona economic vice president recognizes that elections of Barca will be a “very exciting period.” “Barca are live and think with emotion and love and concern and I want to reach the electoral period,” says current president of the airline Spanair, which many voices in the race fall 2010.

Soriano has been interviewed on Monday on the agenda of Televisió de Catalunya, Divendres, which define part of their lines of work as head of Spanair, has refused to define its specific role in the election period. What has made it clear that Soriano is “participate” in these elections.

“When setting the election period and I will explain why I think my opinion,” said Soriano, who claims not explained his position to leave the board in 2008 but it will do this by 2010.

Asked by Sandro Rosell, the former vice president said that “what was done in 2003 was extraordinary and it is important to explain what was done and what things were important. “It is important that these elections there are several ideas and I explain everything I think during these dates”

Godall and his team in favor of continuing a successful model

Alfons Godall and is officially candidate for president of FC Barcelona. The current club vice president, wrapped by president Joan Laporta, Rafael Yuste, Josep Cubells and Xavier Sala i Martín among other managers, presented his candidacy by highlighting the positive values of ‘Laporta was’ and focusing on the experience and a successful model who has the club living the best period in its history.

“A great legacy”

With the motto ‘+ Barça’ as a starting point and an aesthetic similar to that used Laporta in the 2003 campaign, Alfons Godall spoke of a project based “on experience and knowledge of the entity” and “in the belief who have lived the best part of our history. ” Godall also had words for a Laporta thrilled for many strains of the event: “We leave a great legacy and to try igualarte duties.

Sala i Martín, aggressive speech

Xavier Sala i Martín was the ‘opening act’ of Godall offering a much more powerful and with some ‘Recaditos’ to Sandro Rosell. Sala i Martín pulled chest of the confidence reposed in Rijkaard as “a vice president gambled on his removal” and noted the courage of Laporta, with Godall always at his side, hiring Eto’o while others were afraid to “be angry” at Madrid and giving coach Guardiola alternative to defending the fortress against the project “samba model.

Laporta praised Godall

President Joan Laporta Alfons Godall introduced as “one of the architects of what has been achieved over the years” and added that he is the person “fit” to continue with the project. “I think it is a quiet, focused, responsible and suitable person to lead the quiet strength that should continue this pattern for more Barca Barca,” Laporta said after the presentation of the candidacy of Godall.