Stuttgart: Hleb thinks that they can pass the eliminatory one

The ex- ones of Barcelona trusts the possibilities of the German set facing the encounter of return of eighth of end. They know that the blaugrana equipment is favorite, but do not discard to give the surprise. One will be a joke?

It dreams about giving the campanada one: “The Barça is a rival who did not want, because I know that Barcelona is very strong. Against any other equipment we could fight and have the same opportunities, but not against Barcelona. Nevertheless, still there is a small option”, it pointed the soccer player bielorruso in the vestibule, where it added that “everything is possible in soccer and we have an opportunity. We will give everything it”.

Keys to surpass the eliminatory one: “We only needed to concentrate itself in our party. We need to be compact and aggressive. We will have occasions I know, it, but we must be very safe in defense”.

A rival with many cracks: “Not only we must concentrate to us in I read Messi, although it is evident that he is his more dangerous player. Also they are Xavi, Iniesta, Thierry Henry, Pedro or Ibrahimovic”.

It praises to Barcelona: “Tuna Plays a soccer very and all the players can decide a party by their account”.

Almeria 2:2 Barcelona

The blaugrana doorman spoke after the 2-2 and defended the t-shirt that dressed Almeria supporting to Chile that undergoes a bad moment by the constant earthquakes.

Analysis: “They are two different philosophies, but until the end it has been tried. The goals have been a pity; one has gambled well, the bad thing is the result”.

The delay of the party: “There are trivialities that there are to leave outside soccer, mainly if it is by a good cause, is not necessary to put you beat, the other way around, is necessary to push it; they are things to the margin of the party, although it is necessary to put the sooner in this type of encounter”.

The expulsion of Guardiola: “It does not matter to us what Guardiola of its expulsion says, he has been red but it has not said anything to us. They are important points that they escape, with the little distance that there is with the second is important not to leave points by the way”.

Özil is offered to Barcelona

The German assures that it would be a dream to dress azulgrana.

Mezut Özil is the sensation of the Bundesliga. The young German midfield player has leaves the promise poster to become a reality and the great ones of Europe dream about having him in their rows.

Nevertheless, the player of the Werder Bremen knows clearly where he would leave if he decided to change of airs. How it already confessed the last season, Özil dreams about getting some to be player of Barcelona.

“Dream with playing in Barcelona, is grandísimo club with an extraordinary player like Messi. But I have a contract with the Werder until 2011”, declared Özil in the Bild newspaper.

At the moment it is not known that Barcelona has reacted to the offer of Özil, but the certain thing is that the German midfield player fits perfectly in the philosophy of game of the azulgrana.

Guixa requests the resignation of Laporta

“That does not turn to the club into an electoral circus”, the candidate protested.

Jaume Guixà elevated a resignation order towards Joan Laporta, besides criticizing to him with hardness.

“That does not turn to Barcelona into an electoral circus”, the presidential precandidate facing the next mandate in the club protested.

Guixà, that went personally to the offices of the blaugrana organization to present/display a letter with its reclamation, indicated that “organization seems to me very serious it to mix its condition of candidate (to the Catalan Autonomous Government, although she is not official) and, at the same time, to maintain the representation of a club that by definition it must be plural”.

“It has his time and interest spent to the policy”, sentenced.

Messi carried out specific work

I read Messi arrived at the sport facilities of Barcelona along with Thierry after returning of the call with Argentina to play against Germany in territory teutón.

Crack Argentine of Barcelona, of this form, went to the training ready by Pep Guardiola, although it was not exercised next to the rest of its companions.

I read realised some trabjos in the turf, but as soon as one stayed more than five minutes doing recovery exercises, since immediately later it returned to clothes although, in principle, is hoped that it can dispute without problems the next party of League, against Almeria.