Messi: Outstanding Ronaldo

That becomes still another fight for the Spanish championship on all-highest level, if Real Madrid can shine further in such a way like last with the 6:2 against Villarreal. That sees also of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi in such a way. That saw a great material with an outstanding Cristiano Ronaldo.

„I saw on Sunday a great Real Madrid, with an outstanding Cristiano Ronaldo, with its achievement and its free impact hit the all over-radiated “, said Lionel Messi opposite Marca about the star of the royal ones.

Much praise of Messi for material and CR9

Lionel Messi continued to swarm over the large contractors: „Material is a great crew with excellent players and therefore becomes it up to the season end a close fight for the title. “

Full concentration against VfB Stuttgart

Vorm play of the FC Barcelona with the VfB Stuttgart warned the Argentine national player: „We know all that there are no more simple plays on this level in Champions League, a weak play and you can before from. Therefore we participate with full concentration and want in Stuttgart a good result to achieve. “

Barcelona 4-0 Racing Santander

4-0 to the Santander for the men of Guardiola, waiting for Real-Villarreal tomorrow evening.

Three advance payments in program in Spain, to appetizer of 23esima the day. In the afternoon Sport the Coruna has made to be worth the factor field against the fanalino of Xerez tail. A Victoria for 2-1 for the galiziani that Champions League zone to hand capacity means.

In first evening it is come down in field also Barcelona di Guardiola, than she has not had some problem against the Santander, strapazzato for 4-0. The nets of Iniesta, Henry, Marquez and of the centrocampista young person Thiago (class 1991) assure to maintain still at least two competitive edges on the rivals of Real Madrid.

Barcelona Laporta is fit to rule Catalunya

Barcelona president Joan Laporta continues to play to be political. During an interview in the newspaper Avui said that, once leaves office at the end of the season Barcelona would be able to govern Catalonia.

“I am able to govern Catalonia, I’ve proven over the years at Barca,” said Laporta.

“If I decide I appreciate also the how, but always with the goal of ensuring that Catalonia has its own state,” the president of Barcelona.

Returning to sports today, criticized the candidates for president: “I see any alternative to the model as an alternative Godall uncertain for Barca. Will be put at risk the sports structure that has led us to make the best year ever.”

Laporta ratifies Godall as the candidate of continuity

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has made a slip during a press conference in which he set June 13 as election date when he claimed to be a single candidate who will defend the current model of its Board, in reference to a Alfons Godall that “can improve” the model and to the detriment of Jaume Ferrer.

“There will be a candidate to defend this model, who has lived from within. The rest will take other models,” Laporta was launched prior to reiterate his words the day Godall made his candidacy official. “I said I was (Godall) best suited to defend it,” snapped.

In this sense, although would not start to assess the candidates, defended back to Godall but also the position of Ferrer, who said there “would not limit their choices and dreams”. “I’m not clear who is the defender that can improve the current model. But I will not constantly be repeating what I think about this,” he asked.

Laporta is not clear a rapprochement between the two vice presidents who have bid. “As is all, it is clear that there will be two candidates who will leave the board. But you never know, I would not give a final decision, but today it seems clear that there will be two,” he said.

It provides a tough campaign
However, it provides a rough campaign or detrimental to the sporting interests. “I am confident in exercising responsibility of all candidates for this process to the least affected the progress of the team,” he argued, although “depend” of candidates.

Finally, for his part said that there is no problem by cohabitation and president-elect him. “For my part, I will maintain absolute normality cohabitation with whoever wins. Obviously I’ll be more happy if he wins Barca defending our model choice,” snapped in a new reference to Godall.

Barca, Madrid hurt to use images of Messi with Marc Valiente

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has admitted that the entity has hurt Barca Real Madrid in its appeal filed against the penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo images of a play in which Lionel Messi tried to get rid of a rival.

“It is true that Barca has pained him to Messi being used. We did not like. But it will not interfere in relations of harmony and respect between the two clubs,” said Joan Laporta.

Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off last week after slap Patrick Mtiliga, who plays for Malaga, which ended with a broken nose from the blow dealt to the Portuguese.

Real Madrid have made claims to the Competition Committee and in them a tape of melted Sevilla Messi Marc Valiente, which were not accepted by the committee.

“What we have learned is wrong to involve Messi, because he is honest and loves football.’s A player who is not controversial and is humble. It meets all the requirements to be considered the best player in the world,” said Laporta.

The Barça president unveiled it has held talks with Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, but not to address the issue of the Ribbon Messi, but to discuss the possibility of joint action to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Laporta said Barcelona had already taken steps to support, through Doctors Without Borders, but does not rule out raising them.