Ronaldinho Opens Up on His Month in Paraguayan Prison & Bringing ‘Joy’ Through Football

It’s been a rough few weeks for Ronaldinho.

It might seem like he made the most of his 32 days behind bars, between marking his 40th birthday with a massive barbecue and scoring for fun in a prison futsal match, especially since every picture that emerged showed him with that trademark smile on his face.

However, the former Barcelona and Milan superstar says it was a tough time for he and his brother Roberto, who have been moved to a four-star hotel indefinitely until their trial – on charges of fraud – can be held amid the coronavirus crisis.

“It [going to jail] was a tough blow,” Ronaldinho, 40, told Paraguayan TV, as quoted by ESPN. “I never imagined that I would go through a situation like this.

“All of my life I have searched to reach the top level professionally and to bring joy with my football.

“I hope that they can use and confirm all that we have brought to this case and that we can come out of this situation as soon as possible.”

Ronaldinho and Roberto were arrested by Paraguayan authorities in March for the alleged possession of falsified passports, but a date is unable to be set for their trial due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We were completely surprised to find out that the documents were not legal.

“Since then, our aim has been to cooperate with the justice [department] in order to clarify the facts as we have done from the beginning. Since that time up to now, we have explained everything and facilitated all that the justice [department] has requested.”

They are under police supervision for the time being, but the first thing Ronaldinho plans to do as a free man is just as wholesome as you’d expect.

“The first thing I will do is to give my mother a big kiss. She is at home going through a difficult time since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

“Then to absorb the impact that this situation has had and move forward with faith and strength.”

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