Ronaldinho Makes Predictable Request for His Time in House Arrest in Paraguay

?In one of the more bizarre stories in recent years, you may have heard that Brazilian football icon Ronaldinho was arrested for attempting to enter Paraguay using a fake passport.

If this wasn’t strange enough, the 2002 World Cup winner competed in a futsal tournament behind bars which he won convincingly, and was rewarded with a 16kg pig. Yes, really.

Now, following the payment of his $1.6m bail, Ronaldinho is under house arrest with his brother in Asunción, where they will spend their time in a four-and-a-half star hotel in the Paraguayan capital. Could be worse.

But Ronaldinho is evidently already missing football and has made a special request to the hotel staff.

The 40-year-old has asked for a ball and a separate room in which to play the game he loves – a request that has been authorised by Hotel Palmaroga’s manager, Emilio Yegros.

“We have given him a hall of about 30 metres by 15 for his kickabouts,” Yegros told Mexican news outlet Excelsior (as quoted by ?The Mirror).

Despite enduring a stressful couple of months to say the least, Ronaldinho has seemingly not lost his ability to look on the bright side of life, something that has been noticed by Yegros.


“Ronaldinho does not lose his temper and he alternates his conversations with jokes. He seems like a good guy,” he added. “He never loses his smile, neither does his brother. His countenance changed from the first day, when he arrived tense and stressed.”

Despite his arrest, the former ?Barcelona star’s popularity has only seemingly risen in recent weeks as people wonder just why he tried to get into Paraguay with a fake passport, while his football obsession has never waned.

Ronaldinho and his brother spent 32 days in jail and will now – along with their lawyers – be quarantined at the Paraguayan hotel while they wait for their respective trials, which could be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.