André Onana: Assessing Which Club the Ajax Goalkeeper Should Join This Summer

?The annual Ajax exodus is well underway.

We’ve already seen Hakim Ziyech agree a move to Chelsea at the end of the season (whenever that may be), and now the Moroccan is thought to be keen on ?bringing teammate André Onana with him.

The young goalkeeper is no stranger to transfer rumours, having been linked with a number of sides in recent years, but let’s take a look at which move would actually make the most sense for him.


Marc Ter Stegen

It almost seems like the only reason this rumour exists is because Onana spent time with ?Barcelona’s academy.

Now, it’s not that Onana isn’t good enough for Barcelona, but are we just forgetting that ?Marc-André ter Stegen is a thing? The German is in the conversation for the world’s best in his position, so game time would be almost impossible to come by.

As a 23-year-old who is touted as one of the most exciting young goalkeepers around, Onana isn’t going to agree to spend the next few years of his life warming the bench at Camp Nou.

Would he fit?: The bench would welcome him with open arms.

Should he join?: Not unless he wants to play five games over the next five years.

?Manchester United

David de Gea

Because Onana is a good footballer, he automatically has to be linked to ?Manchester United. That’s just how it works, right?

United fans have to endure some ridiculous rumours, but this one isn’t completely awful. Let’s not pretend that ?David de Gea is the world-beater he once was, and the idea of United selling him isn’t too crazy these days.

Having said that, Dean Henderson is surely the ready made replacement. If the Englishman isn’t getting a game at Old Trafford, then Onana isn’t either.

Would he fit?: This town ain’t big enough for both Henderson and Onana.

Should he join?: Maybe in a few years.

Paris Saint-Germain

Keylor Navas

Paris Saint-Germain have more goalkeepers than they know what to do with. 33-year-old Keylor Navas is still killing it, Sergio Rico could join permanently in the summer, young Marcin Bu?ka is touted as a future star and they still have Alphonse Areola, who is on loan with ?Real Madrid.

Given Navas only joined last summer, he will likely remain the starter. Seeing Rico and Areola leave wouldn’t be a surprise, but would Onana want to be a reserve? Again, surely not.

However, this is PSG we’re talking about. They love throwing money around and then asking questions later.

Would he fit?: The goalkeeper party is already pretty crowded.

Should he join?: He might have a chance at playing, but only if PSG give Navas the boot.


Kepa Arrizabalaga

If Ziyech gets his wish, Onana will be on the way to Stamford Bridge as well this summer, but there are a few questions about this move which need asking.

Now, we all know about Frank Lampard’s seething hatred of Kepa Arrizabalaga. The 25-year-old has been dropped for poor performances and is constantly linked with an exit, but it’s hard to see the powers that be at ?Chelsea giving up on their £71m club-record signing so soon (or accepting a massive loss).

Regardless of Arrizabalaga’s future, the Blues will definitely be on the lookout for a new deputy, with Willy Caballero set to say goodbye this summer. Onana could take his spot, safe in the knowledge that a shot in the first team might only be one Arrizabalaga error away.

Would he fit?: As long as he can actually save a shot.

Should he go?: Getting stuck behind Arrizabalaga could be too much of a risk, but potentially one worth taking.

Tottenham Hotspur

Hugo Lloris

?If there’s one thing José Mourinho loves, it’s benching a first-choice goalkeeper. He was brave enough to bin Iker Casillas at Real Madrid, and he is thought to be prepared to do the same with Hugo Lloris.

The Frenchman loves a mistake or two, and it’s believed that Mourinho wants a young understudy who can offer legitimate competition for minutes, which is basically Onana to a tee.

If Lloris’ errors continue (and they definitely will), a spot in the first team could well open up, and Onana might be there to capitalise. And don’t forget, Lloris is 33 years old, so he’s only got so long left at the top.

Would he fit?: There’s a locker in the dressing room with his name on already.

Should he join?: As long as he’s ready to experience chaos under Mourinho.

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