Croatia Who Knew….

When the World Cup began, we did not see the ending that we are currently faced with today. From the 32 nations that had qualified, it did not cross many minds that Croatia would be playing in the final against France on the 15th of July.

And now the final match of the World Cup 2018 is upon us, gambling sites will be booming too. We eagerly wait to see if the French too, will fall prey to the Croatian winning streak.

The Long Walk…

For the Croatian team, it has definitely been a long walk. What we do not know however is whether it will be a walk of victory or the walk of shame. After winning 2-0 against Nigeria, in their first match, Croatia saw glory days ahead for them. The shocker that actually had heads turning was their 3-0 win against Argentina in the second match of group D.

At this point, the Croatians saw that with hard work, anything can be achieved. Securing their seat in the final 16 was their 2-1 win against Iceland. At this point, we are sure the betting odds had now changed in Croatia’s favour. Demark was then placed as the opponents of the young Croatian giants, who still managed to emerge victorious after a 3-2 win. The quarterfinals saw Croatia play against the host team Russia, this was a gruelling match that ended in a penalty shootout. Even, when faced with such intense pressure, Croatia walked away with a 4-3 win.

The Victory…

In the first round of the semi-finals, we saw Belgium suffer a devastating blow as they lost 1-0 to France. With the first team of the finals having been determined, we had to wait patiently for the second team. This was to be decided in the clash against England and Croatia. Most Aussie pokies players were disappointed that their country lost to France 2-1 in the group stage.

Despite all the hard work that Croatia had put in, the faith of the people still lay in English Three Lions. For some, however, it was no surprise when Croatia managed to slaughter the Three Lions to secure their place in the final.