?Luis Suarez has come out in support of Barcelona teammate Gerard Pique after the defender was criticised for his ‘?provocative’ celebration in the club’s draw with Espanyol last week, and the striker insisted he did not influence the signing of Philippe Coutinho. 

Pique had held a finger to his mouth to shush the rival supporters after Barcelona’s late equaliser against their Catalan opponents, ensuring the 31-year-old was at the centre of a post-match storm between the two clubs. 

The defender often faces the brunt of opposition fans and Suarez admitted a player can only take so much before reacting, especially when chants involve a players personal life.

Espanyol v Barcelona - La Liga

In an interview with ?La Vanguardia, Suarez explained: “Everyone has their way of venting, of taking out things that are inside. Geri came from many parties enduring many things. 

“The players always have to put up with what they tell us, but you have to agree with them because that was the least they could do after they got involved with the children and the woman, that was the most serious thing.

“I live with him, I know the love he has for his wife and children. You can mess with the player but exceed the limit of the children … that to anyone who is a father hurts. His reaction is understandable because he did not make any other gesture.

“I have also used that gesture. It is something minimum, a thousandth of a second in which you get that reaction inside, but you do not have to make this issue bigger.

“Nowadays it is more exceptional that you go to a visiting field and they applaud you, especially me in particular for my way of playing. They will always treat me in the same way, so I carry my whole career.”

Whereas, for on field action Suarez if of the belief that what happens on the field should stay on the field as he said: “I am of the theory that if the rival insults me, he tells me that I am bad, he tells me everything or he messes with my sister, I will never go to the press to tell it. I handle everything. It does not bother me, nor does it hurt. It is part of the game.”


31-year-old Suarez also insisted that he did not personally influence Barcelona’s signing of Philiippe Coutinho, despite admitting to having a close relationship with the former Liverpool star.

He added: “Not at all. That responsibility is for the club. Yes, I talked to him, he’s a friend and if I can help him, I’ll do it. 

“He’s young, he had a good relationship with him since we met with Liverpool, and we’ve been keeping it since I left. You always get a little nervous at Barça and I wanted to help you. It has entered very well.”

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