?Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has revealed that he is still digesting Philippe Coutinho’s move from Liverpool to Barcelona, but admits that he felt his old side did everything they could to keep the Brazilian at Anfield.

Coutinho’s £142m move to Barcelona was ?confirmed over the weekend, and like most Liverpool fans, it seems that the disappointment of losing their prised asset is still raw for Gerrard.

While working as a pundit for BT Sport on tonight’s FA Cup Third Round match between Brighton and Crystal Palace, Gerrard was asked how he felt about the move, and responded by saying: “I’m still digesting it as a Liverpool fan.”

Gerrard was then asked by fellow pundit Rio Ferdinand if he was “feeling sick” about the move, to which the former Liverpool skipper answered simply: “yeah.”

Asked if he was surprised that the move had taken place in January, Gerrard replied: “I’m not surprised, and I know that Liverpool have done everything they can to keep him.” The former England international then acknowledged: “when a kid’s got a dream, a South American, and wants to play for Barcelona and he thinks this is the only opportunity he’s going to get it’s very hard to stop him.”

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