?Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been caught up in an investigation by Spanish Police into the recent Catalan referendum.

The revelation comes on the same day that the whole of Catalonia descends on polling stations for an official snap election which could finally bring an end to the independence crisis in the area.

Guardiola – who has always been passionate about his Catalan heritage – voted in October’s referendum by post, a referendum that the Spanish government has condemned as illegal and unpatriotic.

According to reports from Catalan newspaper ?El Nacional, the former Barcelona boss was much more involved than first thought, as he was named in the Civil Guard’s report depicting those that participated in the rebellion.

The report states that during a march on June 11 2017, Josep Guardiola read a pro-independence manifesto in a “mobilization to defend the unilateral road”, with the intention to “mobilize all supporters of independence”.

Whether or not Guardiola will be punished for his actions remains to be seen, but City certainly won’t want their prized tactician embroiled in politically fueled scandal whilst they sit pretty at the top of the Premier League.

Under Pep’s guidance, City have won 16 games on the bounce and sit 11 points adrift of their Manchester rivals. They will be hoping that nothing more than a slap on the wrist comes of his actions, and this isn’t the bump in the road that they’ve been dreading.

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