Neymar & Gerard Pique Reveal Their Earliest World Cup Memories in Candid Chat

?Neymar and Gerard Pique have opened up about their earliest memories of watching the World Cup in their native Brazil and Spain.

In a wide-ranging interview, the former Barcelona teammates sat down with the ?Players’ Tribune to hold a lengthy personal chat on a number of topics ranging from Neymar’s time with current side Paris Saint-Germain and their hopes for the 2018 World Cup in Russia next summer.

Pique, who spent much of the talk interviewing Neymar, asked his former  teammate about what he remembers from the first encounter he had with the prestigious international tournament and also offered up his own memories of watching games on TV.

England vs Brazil - International Friendly

The centre-back said: “I … damn … ’94 … (Mauro) Tassotti elbowing Luis Enrique — our buddy Enrique — in the ’94 World Cup in the United States in the quarterfinals, and Spain getting eliminated 2–1 against Italy, and I remember Luis Enrique’s shirt, which was the white national team shirt, all wet in blood. 

“That’s my first memory. I remember being at home with all my family in Blanes on the Costa Brava — that was a summer house we had there — and it made a huge impact. It was the first image I remember from a World Cup.”


Neymar replied: “Yeah, mine is from the ’94, too. But of Brazil. 

“Although, I was two years old, I think my first memory was on the TV, watching on TV and Romário scoring the goals, one goal that … that Romário scored against Holland I remember, that Bebeto crosses, and he takes first time, you know, and it’s a ‘golazo.’ 

“That’s the first one. And the second is from 2002. I watched the whole tournament and remember everything… including Ronaldo.”