?Liverpool left back Alberto Moreno has revealed his hope for his ‘brother’ Philippe Coutinho to stay in Merseyside, during an in-depth interview conducted with ?The Guardian.

The Brazilian has been embroiled in this transfer saga with Barcelona for what feels like a decade now, and fans and players alike are keen to see the situation resolved, as reports continue to turn up linking him with a move in either January or next summer. 

Coutinho’s teammate, and self-professed sibling, Moreno is among the most concerned about the playmaker’s future, and yearns for the mercurial midfielder to stay with him at Liverpool.

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The left back revealed: “I’ve said: ‘Brother, don’t go,’ He’s my friend and always will be, we get on very well, and of course [I will support him whatever his decision].

“I don’t know what will happen. If it was down to me, I’d love him close to me for life, always enjoying seeing him play football, it’s a privilege.

“It’s an honour to share a dressing room with him. He’s top, top. I see him train every day and he does things I’ve never seen before.”

“If I get to decide, Philippe’s not going. But I can’t interfere. It’s Liverpool, Barcelona and him, and they decide. He’s a big piece at Liverpool. Every fan, everyone who watches Liverpool, everyone who understands football knows that. 

“They know that if he goes, it will leave a big hole. But we’re Liverpool. We have a great squad and we won’t stop being Liverpool.”

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