?Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed that his longstanding grudge with former Barcelona forward Gary Lineker stems from his time as a ball boy at Camp Nou when the England international refused to give him his shirt after a game.

Guardiola was 15-years-old when Lineker joined the Spanish outfit, his three-years at the club were at a time when the City boss was making his mark in the youth set-ups, and the England international was seemingly a favourite of his.

However, as the pair recorded an interview for? BBC’s The Premier League Show, Guardiola let it be known that he has yet to forgive or forget Lineker’s shirt transgression when he was acting as a ball boy on match days. 

Guardiola said: “Do you know in your period I was a ball boy and I gave you balls to play in there.

Lineker replied: “I probably didn’t control them. I didn’t know it was you, as you probably had hair then.”

The reminiscing obviously reopened old wounds, as Pep said: “I always asked you for the shirt after the game and you never gave me.

“Never! I cannot forgive you for that,” joked Pep.

Josep Guardiola of Spain

Ever the diplomat, Lineker was quick to respond with an excuse: “They never allowed us to give away our shirts in those days. Now they have many shirts but then you had to keep the same shirt all season.

The  exchange was brought about when Lineker asked Guardiola whether he ever becomes irritated or frustrated by the questions posed to him by the British media. 

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