VIDEO: Giorgio Chiellini Gets His Revenge on Luis Suarez for Infamous World Cup Bite

?It has been three years now since Luis Suarez’ infamous bite to the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini in a World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay, an incident which resulted in the Barcelona striker being banned from all football related activity for four months as well as nine international fixtures. Did you forget? Chiellini certainly hasn’t…

During a friendly fixture between Barcelona and Juventus at the MetLife Stadium on Saturday night, in which Chiellini found himself on the scoresheet, the pair reignited the feud as the Italian defender appeared to viciously swing a knee towards the thigh of the Uruguayan. 

The friction between the pair seemed to have been diffused in recent years, with the two even swapping shirts after last season’s Champions League quarter-final, which Juventus won 3-0 on aggregate. 

To many football fans, the hatchet seemed to have been buried, even after Suarez’ ridiculous claims that the original incident in Brazil was simply down to ‘things that happen out on the pitch.’

He added: “It was just the two of us inside the area and he bumped into me with his shoulder.”

Suarez & Chiellini

In short, however, Chiellini looked to have achieved his revenge as Suarez reportedly came out of the ‘friendly’ fixture – in which Neymar’s brace secured a 2-1 victory – with a ‘severe contusion to the thigh’. 

The Juventus defender will most likely feel no remorse for his actions given the incident back in 2013. Besides, these things just happen out on the pitch, don’t they Luis…

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