Amid the increasing speculation surrounding the future of Barcelona star Neymar, RMC reporter ?Mohamed Bouhafsi has claimed that the player’s representatives contacted Paris Saint-Germain first to open discussions for the 25-year-old to move to the French club.

Bouhafsi revealed the claims on his Twitter account which suggest those within Neymar’s entourage are shopping him around, with the motive unclear as it could be for another bumper contract from Barcelona, or to actually secure a move to the Parc des Princes.

The tweets loosely translated, read: “Bluff or not bluff, an appointment is scheduled quickly between the father of Neymar and Antero Henrique to discuss contractual terms!

“It is the entourage of #Neymar who came into contact with the #PSG and who took the first step to reopen discussions!

“Whatever happens, the #PSG is a winner even if Neymar re-evaluates his contract, after the Verratti affair, #PSG can touch FC Barcelona!”

Whilst speculation is set to continue, PSG captain Thiago Silva – international teammate of Neymar – has added his two-cents to the saga as he expressed his hopes for the attacker to sign for PSG.

He told L’Equipe, via ?Sport English: “Neymar in Paris? I don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of journalists talking but at the minute there is nothing concrete although I think it is important for the PSG project. 


“It’s always good to have great players like him. If he comes, it will be good for the group.”

PSG’s Marquinhos and fellow Brazilian, added: “If he comes, he will be an exceptional player and will help us a lot. 

“I don’t know if he told PSG’s Brazilians. In any case, he didn’t tell me,” he joked.