Neymar Finally Offers Answer to Eternal Question of Whether Messi Could Cut it in Stoke

We all know British football’s most-enduringly odd cliche.

Yes, he’s good, but could *insert non-English player name here* do it on a wet and windy night at Stoke?

The origins of the phrase date back to 2010, when gravelly-voiced ex-Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray ribbed Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi during one particular encounter, and it has now become the hypothetical litmus test for all players playing outside the Premier League.

Well, second to Stoke doing a Leicester and reaching the Champions, we appear to have the closest thing we’ll ever get to an answer on the eternal Messi vs Stoke conundrum, as Messi’s club teammate Neymar sat down with Dream Team (via ?talkSPORT) for a Q&A session.


The flamboyant Brazilian was asked about whether his strike partner Messi could hack it at the Bet365 Stadium in terrible weather conditions up against the likes of Ryan Shawcross and…umm Geoff Cameron.

Neymar quipped: “Of course Messi could handle a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. He’d be drinking tea and relaxing beforehand. Me? I’d probably be the same.”


There you go then. Proof, if any was needed, that arguably football’s finest megastar could produce the goods when it mattered in the Potteries.

Neymar was also questioned on a number of other topics including who his favourite footballer in the world was currently, as well as who he deemed to be the most skilful at this moment in time. Spoiler alert: He picked Messi for both.

Another interesting tidbit to emerge from Neymar’s mouth was whether he would be open to a move to the Premier League before hanging up his boots, but he remained coy on the subject.

Neymar continued: “They [Brazil team-mates Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus] never told me to come there but they do tell me they like living there. All the players who are there like to be in England.”

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