Barcelona Preseason Gets underway

A lot of things that happen after the season ends. There are parties which usually include a lot of beer drinking and excessive eating. This is all very normal since players need to unwind after a gruelling season. Top flight footballers are the ones that are most affected by the seasons which include a lot of matches. Players at Barcelona can play up to four matches in a week. This is because they play in the league, Champions League and also their national teams.


After the season is over it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. But as the break ends it is time for work again. It is time to get back into the mental and physical condition that is essential to winning top prizes.

Preseason Preparations

When the season is about to begin the team takes the players on a series of tests and drills that are aimed at making them get back into shape quicker. The activities that players at Barcelona do are designed to quickly get players into that winning state of mind and body.

Up to 18 players underwent the customary medical checks. The physical assessments were carried out on 13 first team players and 5 players from Barcelona B squad.


The bulk of the stars who were on international duty are yet to return to the team. Players who were present at the first session include Suarez, Rakitic, Vermaelen and Mascherano.

Medical examinations were carried out on the players who made it for the session. The tests included Chiropody, cardiological, strength and body density.


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Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president of Barcelona FC visited the training camp and interacted with the players. Training will start properly when other players come into the camp.