Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez has raised his concern over the recent departures from the Spanish giants youth system, but claims his approach over the matter would be ‘if you go, you don’t come back.’

The Nou Camp’s leading appearance maker still clearly has Barcelona in his heart, and on his mind, and if his approach was previously adopted by others at the club then they would never have re-signed Cesc Fabregas or Gerard Pique. 

(L-R) Spanish midfielder Xavi Hernandez,

When asked by ?Sport if he would sign Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin, Xavi’s response was not about the full-back’s on-field ability but rather his decision to leave the club as a 16-year-old, and it revealed his deeper outlook on re-signing former players. 

He said about Bellerin: “I haven’t seen him play much, but I’ll say one thing: it would be difficult for me to sign a player we’d already had.”

When told it was the case with Pique and Fabregas, Xavi added: “Yes, it can turn out good, bad or average. But I’m not in favour of re-signing players who have left. 

“Why do they leave at 16 or 17? It seems ridiculous to me. I don’t understand it.”

Asked if he was eluding to the recent departures of highly rated youth talents Eric Garcia to Manchester City and Jordi Mboula to Monaco, Xavi added: “Yes, to be honest, I was very surprised by what they did. 

“I wouldn’t re-sign them in the future. I’d have that approach. You were here, you wanted to leave, well don’t come back.

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“I understand if you want to go, it’s for a reason. Like Toral, he left because his mum’s English. Ok, but it is what it is. The ship’s sailed.”

He insisted the newly re-signed Gerard Deulofeu is under different circumstances: “That was different. He didn’t want to leave. He was asked to go.”

The hard stance by the former Barcelona midfielder could be an insight into his future as a manager – which he has previously admitted he would like to one day take to the Nou Camp.