Sergio Busquets proud to be appreciated at FC Barcelona

Sergio Busquets at an event on Friday for the Cruyff Foundation / GERMÁN PARGA - FCB
The midfielder describes his feelings after extending his contract with a club that “I want to help become even greater than it already is”

FC Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets is feeling delighted after renewing his contract with the club until 2021, with the option to extend it until the end of the 2022/23 season.

“I’m really pleased that we’ve reached an agreement” he says. “The club also did its part and I feel highly appreciated here. I feel great at the best club in the world and hope things stay that way. I hope injuries are kind to me and that I can continue to help make this club even greater still.”

Sergio had become a more and more important part of the first team both on and off the pitch, and that’s something that makes him feel immensely proud. “All the matches, all the titles, growing from a kid to being made one of the captains … All of that means a lot to me and I hope things carry on as well as they have until now, or even better.”