Santa Teresa CD v FC Barcelona: Big win to maintain title challenge (0-7)

The Barça players celebrate one of seven goals atSanta Teresa / LFP
A huge win in Badajoz means the women’s team are top of the league pending the outcome of Sunday’s Basque derby between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad

Santa Teresa CD: Miriam, María Luisa, Mireya (María Rosa, min 76), Estefanía (Marta, min 45), Joana, Menayo, Lixy, María Neira (Sofia, min 28), Alexandra, Carola (Tamara, min 67) & María Ángeles.

FC Barcelona: Ràfols, Ane (Irene, min 67), Marta Torrejón, Ruth, Melanie, Marta Unzué, Miriam, Alexia, Mariona (Gemma, min 61), Jenni & Olga.

Goals: 0-1, Marta Unzué (min 7); 0-2, Jenni (min 20); 0-3, Miriam (min 39); 0-4, Jenni (min 41); 0-5, Irene (min 74); 0-6, Gemma (min 87); 0-7, Alexia (min 89).


The FC Barcelona women’s team have won for the eight game in a row and are still battling away for their fifth consecutive league title. They cruised to 7-0 victory at Santa Teresa on Saturday in to send out a confident message to Athletic Bilbao, who they provisionally overtake at the top of the table and who face a tough Basque derby against Real Sociedad on Sunday.

Marta Unzué opened the scoring, while a brace from Jenni Hermoso (one with her head and one to make it to 23 goals this season) and another from Miriam set things up more than nicely for the second half.

Goals from Irene del Rio, Gemma Gili (both second half substitutes) and Alexia Putellas finished off the job after the interval, giving the Blaugrana an impressive 14 goals for and just one against from their last two outings.