Marc-André ter Stegen’s training regime

Ter Stegen trains at Ciutat Esportiva / FCB
The German works on his reflexes with the club’s coaching staff as well as his teammates, where he demonstrates his superb talent

Ever wondered how a goalkeeper prepares for matches? We take a look at the training regime followed by Marc-André ter Stegen when the German is gearing up for an important encounter.

First up is an intense shot-stopping session with coach José Ramón de la Fuente, who fires in strikes from various angles to try to test the German’s positioning and reflexes. That is followed by a test that few other keepers can enjoy, a session up against the very best, including Messi, Suárez and Iniesta.

Since joining the club in 2014, the 24-year-old has contributed greatly to the club’s success, competing in all Champions League and Copa del Rey matches since arriving, which both ended in the titles last season, as well as the European and Spanish Super Cups, which only the latter did not end in success.

Ter Stegen played the last two games of the league season, including the title-decider at Granada, and with another cup final coming up against Sevilla, he has a good chance of taking part in another on Sunday.