Luis Suárez: Neymar is learning from Messi to become the best

Neymar and Suárez celebrate / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
Europe’s top goalscorer talks about his relationship with his strike partners where he assures that “teamwork” is the key ingredient

The front three of Luis Suárez, Neymar Jr and Leo Messi is a combination that has brought nothing but success for FC Barcelona since they joined forces.

Their 122 goals together last season seemed an unrepeatable feat, but this year they have shown that their abilities have no limit after scoring 130 this season, and there is still one more game to go.

Luis Suárez was asked to pin down exactly what makes them so successful which, for the Uruguayan, was rather simple to explain:

“The main characteristic is teamwork. When any of us score, we are delighted, especially for the good of team. We do not feel any envy about something that the other achieves because we enjoy it as a whole.”

Despite being a world class player in his own right, Suárez still believes that “myself as well as Neymar know that Messi is the best in the world and we learn a lot from him”.

[[CITA_1]] As he was speaking on Neymar’s official website, Suárez  was asked what the Brazilian is like amongst the group.

“In the changing room he is very calm, but also a joker. He is a happy person, who enjoys his football and life. He is full of joy and is much adored by his teammate. He gets on with everybody,” said the 29-year-old.

“He has become totally different to when he arrived in Barcelona,” Suarez continued, in reference to Neymar. This is because “he is not content just with the day to day, he continues to train in the evening which shows he wants to keep improving”.

We do not feel any envy about something that the other achieves