Leo Messi featured in newest issue of Sports Illustrated

Lionel Messi raises his arms in celebration following FC Barcelona's 2–0 victory in the Copa del Rey final on Sunday in Madrid. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB
In ‘The World of Messi’, the prestigious American magazine, Sports Illustrated, gets up-close and personal with the FC Barcelona superstar

Sports Illustrated sat down with Leo Messi for an in-depth interview about the great Argentine’s life, from his humble beginnings in Rosario to becoming the best footballer on the planet.

With his mesmerising dribbling ability and ice-cold composure in front of goal, Leo Messi makes the beautiful game look simple, yet his journey to the top was anything but a walk in the park.

The video first looks at some of the difficulties which Messi and his family went through upon first moving to Barcelona.

“I came with the dream and the goal to make it to the top division,” said Messi. Nevertheless “it was a complicated time” for the youngster, who had to leave his friends and family back home.

Once Messi got settled however, his talent stood out from the crowd and eventually went on to claim a wealth of trophies, both for collectively and individually.

Reflecting on his first ever Ballon d’Or prize, Messi described it as “a joyous moment to be able to lift that trophy” of which he now owns five.

Despite those initial problems settling in the city, Messi is now happy to call Catalonia his home: “I grew up here, I made myself here. My life is in Barcelona. Barcelona gave me everything”.

With the upcoming Copa America set to be hosted in the United States, the video offers a largely stateside audience the chance to become better acquainted with the back story of the best player in the sport.

And after narrowly missing out on the trophy last year, losing to Chile on penalties in the final, Messi is more motivated than ever to help his country to the coveted title.

“The team was very close in the last World Cup and in the last Copa America, and I think we deserve an important title,” he concluded.