Confident Claudio Bravo enjoying the moment

Claudi Bravo during the interview / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
Speaking to FC Barcelona’s official media, the Chilean goalkeeper insists that one of the keys to football is remembering that it has to be fun. And that goes for adults just as much as children

“We are doing well and looking forward to important challenges” says a confident Claudio Bravo in an interview with and Barça TV. “We’re calm because we know what we’re worth and how much potential this team has.”

The Barça goalkeeper and Chile captain adds that “I try to live football normally. I treat it as something that satisfies me, that I enjoy, rather than something that creates tension or additional pressure. When we started playing as kids, we did it for fun. And I try to keep having fun today.”

Here are some of the other things Bravo had to say:

La Liga

“We had a couple of setbacks. Those accidents were wake up calls, because we now have no more room left for error”.

“It has helped to keep clean sheets in the last two games. It was a different story in other games and we must have confidence in ourselves.”

The goalkeeper’s role

“I don’t like to talk about the manager’s decisions. I need to be professional about it. We all know why we are here and have to do the best we can. The three of us are here to make each other better. We’re three very, very different keepers. I want to compete, to play, and when it’s my turn, I take my turn. All of the players have to do that when they’re not competing, we know that well”.

“We’re always exposed on the counter-attack. So even when the ball is 60 metres away from me, I always try to communicate with my team-mates and concentrate.”

“Goalkeeping is not just about saves. You also have to be good with your feet and with your positioning, and you have to generate confidence. You might only have two or three things to do in a game, but you have to do them well because these things can make all the difference. I always try to act seriously and communicatively”.

“I played outfield when I was young, but I didn’t feel comfortable on the ball and nobody else wanted to go in goal. I was brave, I wasn’t afraid of the ball and I was a natural leader. And so I’ve always worn a different colour shirt to the rest of the team!”