Sergi Roberto answers his friends' questions

Sergi Roberto features in a very special kind of interview / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB
Enjoy a great interview in which it is the FC Barcelona star’s childhood friends, including Marc Bartra and Jordi Masip, who get to choose the questions

Sergi Roberto features in an interview with a difference. We got current team mates Marc Bartra and Jordi Masip, and other players that he grew up with at La Masia, such as Sergi Gómez, Marc Muniesa and Joan Román, to ask the midfielder whatever questions they wanted.

You can see the result in this video, and learn, for example, what happened when he and his pals played a prank on Adrià Carmona by changing the setting of his alarm clock, about his dislike for cooking (although he reckons he can knock up a mean salad when called upon) and he and Masip’s shared passion for NBA basketball (both the real thing and on the PlayStation).