Luis Suárez says his goal let team relax

Luis Suárez celebrates his 65th minute goal that gave Barça a 2–1 lead. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
FC Barcelona’s Uruguayan striker speaks to the press in the mixed zone along with teammates Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano

Without Luis Suárez‘s goal on Wednesday night, who knows what would have happened.

“The second goal came when they were attacking a lot,” Suárez said. “The 2–1 lead calmed us down and we put away the game.”

And it almost didn’t go in, just barely making it under the cross bar. “I don’t know what happened on the shot but the most important thing is that it went in and gave us the lead again,” he said.

But despite those few rocky moments, most of what transpired out on the pitch was of little surprise to Suárez.

“We knew it would be a very physical game but we had the edge playing at home,” he said. “They have a lot of fast players who can counter.”

Dani Alves

“We knew it would be an open game but we were able to stay relaxed and in the end the team that went through was the one that deserved it.”

“Who are we to choose our quarter-final opponents. Challenges are even bigger for the defending champions. If we want to win it again we have to be ready for whichever team we face.”

“Our goal is much greater than just getting to the quarter-finals for the ninth straight year. Our dreams go beyond that.”

“Everyone will be strong and we have to respect them. We’ll have to beat whoever we face.”

Javier Mascherano

“The most important thing is that we went through against a team that always makes you work as hard as possible. We had a small advantage but it was still tough.”

“We might have given Arsenal too many chances, but we had plenty of chances to put the game away too. Our competitiveness and hunger gives us confidence for the road ahead.”

“To go where we want to we have to be motivated for every game. After that, anything can happen in football.”

“Destiny will decide who we face. We have to be ready for anything.”