Luis Enrique says his team makes it look easy

Luis Enrique gives instructions to Sergi Roberto during Saturday's game. / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB
The FC Barcelona head coach speaks to the media following the 6–0 win over Getafe on Saturday afternoon at Camp Nou

Luis Enrique Martínez sat calmly at the podium in the Camp Nou press room following FC Barcelona’s 6–0 rout over Getafe. He was straight-faced yet beaming with satisfaction

“We went into half-time with the game sewn up because we’re playing very well, not to take anything away from the other team,” he said.

The Barça manager was also slightly bewildered, in a good way. “It seems like winning comes easy for us,” he said. “This is a unique team. They make things look simple, though nothing could be further from the truth.”

Here are the highlights of what he had to say after the game.

On the squad:

“It’s a great situation. We have almost the whole team available, except for Sandro, who got injured in the last training session, and Rafinha, who’s close to being declared fit.”

“We’re in optimal condition to keep performing. That’s very favourable because the team has to play every three days.”

“Everyone is in very good form. Munir is playing very well. He played a very complete game, he brings a lot to the team, and he can score.”

“As a coach, it’s a perfect situation. Everyone wants to play and the only problem is I don’t have enough minutes for everyone.”

On Suárez being held out:

“He didn’t play today because he has countless minutes under his belt this season. I decided that the best thing for the team and for him was to give him rest.”

On Neymar accumulating minutes for Brazil this summer:

“If I were the national team coach I would take him. He can play in so many positions and at an incredible level.”

“His mentality is key. He sees every opportunity, he’s smart, and he’s got diverse skills.”

On being the coach of FC Barcelona:

“Every manager looks for the best for his team. I hope to keep enjoying it. We try to play the same way for as long as possible. The objective is to create chances and, if you have fun playing, you don’t get tired as quickly.”