Luis Suárez: Games like these win the league

Luis Suárez scored the first of Barça's two goals / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The Uruguayan, Thomas Vermaelen and Javier Mascherano share their thoughts after the 2-1 win in Las Palmas

FC Barcelona had to sweat to beat Las Palmas 2-1 on Saturday afternoon, and after the game, goalscorer Luis Suárez spoke to the press, along with Belgian Thomas Vermaelen and Argentinian Javier Mascherano:

Luis Suárez

“You need to suffer if you want to win titles. The last two away trips have presented plenty of difficulties, but we’ve got the three points again.”

“We have played a lot of games in the last month and a half. But the players want to play and enjoy continuity. Even when we struggle in matches, we still enjoy ourselves

“Scoring goals is great for me as long as we end up winning the league title. The most important thing is that the team keeps winning.”

Thomas Vermaelen

“It might seem easy to play against theoretically weaker teams, but they all end up causing you problems.”

“We have to keep winning because we want to win titles. These have been very intense weeks for us with so many matches.”

“I was at Arsenal for five years, so this is going to be a very special week for me.”

Javier Mascherano

“You are always going to struggle against teams that are so daring, that press so hard and that have such top quality players.”

“We could have killed off the game with the chances we had, but instead we suffered right through to the last five minutes.”

“We’ll keep taking steps. I don’t know if they’re little ones or big ones, but they’re always forwards.”

“At least we have managed to hold onto our lead on our immediate rivals and there’s one less game to go. But there’s still a lot of league left.”