Leo Messi says it's all down to his team mates #BallondOr

Neymar Jr, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the press conference in Zurich / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
The Argentine highlights ‘every year I try to equal or improve on my performances from the year before’

Leo Messi and Neymar brought a bit of colour to the press conference in Zurich ahead of the Ballon d’Or ceremony in which Cristiano Ronaldo also featured. The two Barça players were proud to be part of events in Switzerland, the Argentine involved for the ninth year in a row, the Brazilian enjoying his first. The pair highlighted the successes of 2015 with the blaugranes. “My team mates make me good and the team. We have a great squad and without them none of this would come true,” commented Messi.

“Every year I try to equal or surpass my performances from the previous season. In 2015 we almost achieved all our goals and it is a proud feeling to finish the year knowing we did a good job,” continued the Barça number 10.

Barça’s Brazilian striker could not his satisfaction. “It’s a pleasure to be here and I hope my team continues to win trophies. I am happy for the objectives I am achieving and the games I am playing. That is thanks to the team mates I have,” added Neymar.

More comments from the two Barça Ballon d’Or candidates:

Leo Messi

“To be here year after year is something really nice. If I win the award or someone else does, it does not matter. Being here is the most important things and you feel privileged.”

“As a team with the arrival of Arda and Aleix we are stronger. They are two players with great quality and we hope they can grow.”

“Collective awards are above individual ones. For any player winning the World Cup is the top.”


“Both Leo and Cristiano have made history and that is why they are here. Ronaldo I follow more on TV and Messi I have the chance to watch him every day and admire him. He is a friend and the first day I was amazed at how relaxed he is. They have been coming here for 8 or 9 years and my aim is to follow their example.”

“Technical ability is a quality but you also have to perfect your movements and what you do in the game. I have always wanted to play football and in any case I work so that everyone and my family is happy.”