Koshiro Yamashita, the Japanese voice of the FC Barcelona anthem

Koshiro Yamashita / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The eight-year-old boy, on hand at Barça’s first training session since arriving in Japan, sang the complete Barça anthem a capella in front of the players, staff, directors, the press and his classmates from the FCBEscola Futsushika

While it was nine years ago that Leo Miyagata became a global phenomenon after being recorded while breaking down in tears after the FC Barcelona’s defeat in the final of the 2006 Club World Cup, which was also held in Japan, a similar phenomenon emerged this Monday during Barça’s very first training session since arriving in Japan earlier in the morning.

Koshiro Yamashita, an eight-year-old Japanese boy, wowed everyone — and we do mean everyone — as he sang the entire Barça anthem a capella for the Barça players, the coaching staff, the Club’s travelling expedition and the press.

Yamashita, one of the more than 240 children from the FCBEscola Futsushika who attended Monday’s training session, was duly applauded by everyone on hand to witness the stunning rendition of the Club’s anthem.

Following the performance, Yamashita was presented with an FC Barcelona badge from the Club’s Vice President, Jordi Cardoner.