[PHOTOS] The four great #FCB goals at the Bernabéu in pictures

It was a wonderful night at the Bernabéu in so many different ways / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
Both the goals scored by Suárez, and those by Neymar and Iniesta too, were absolute works of art that are displayed here in four separate galleries

FC Barcelona were simply outstanding in the first Clásico of the season, winning 4-0 at the Santiago Bernabéu with four fine goals from Neymar, Iniesta and Suárez (two from the latter). The game was a veritable exhibition of teamwork, generosity, quick thinking, use of space, intensity and ‘tiki-taka’ performed by its true masters. And some brilliant goalscoring. All four goals were such works of art that we felt that each of them deserved a gallery all of its own.

1-0: Luis Suárez

If there was ever a team goal, then this was the one. It started with a Bravo clearance of a dangerous cross from Ronaldo. The ball fell at the feet of Rakitic and after 11 passes in 45 seconds, Alves flicked in a cross that Ramos headed away. But Rakitic was there to collect the ball and this was followed by 24 passes involving all ten outfield players ending with Suárez converting a tremendous diagonal pass from Sergi Roberto.

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2-0: Neymar Jr

Suárez started the move by stealing the ball from Modric and feeding it to Busquets, who then combined with Rakitic, who in turn got it to Iniesta. The latter went on a dazzling run before spotting Neymar coming through and the Brazilian got the better of a one-on-one with Keylor Navas to extend Barça’s lead

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3-0: Iniesta

Goal number three came after a fine one-two involving Iniesta and Neymar, who backheeled the ball into the path of the former. The Barça captain pounced on the chance and sent a powerful creamer flying into the back of the Madrid net.

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4-0: Suárez

A quick first-touch move ended at the boots of Suárez. The Uruguayan had enough time to stop and decide whether to shoot or pass, and eventually opted for the former when he saw Keylor Navas going to ground and decided to chip the ball over this head.

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