Postgame reactions from Luis Suárez and Sergio Busquets

Luis Suárez celebrates one of his three goals against Eibar. / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB
The star of the game tells the media that the goals against are just part of a tough streak

FC Barcelona may have beaten Eibar by 3-1, but the Catalans once again fell behind early, as they did last weekend against Rayo Vallecano. Luis Suárez, the star of Sunday’s game, addressed the situation following the match.

“If you look at last year we gave up few goals, they’re just streaks. This year every time they come close, they score. We’ll try to break this slump as quickly as we can. It’s important that we turned around a difficult game.”

In addition, he referred to Lionel Messi, out with a knee injury, and whom both Neymar and Luis Suárez are picking up with plenty of goals (12 of the team’s last 15).

“There’s a reason why there are forwards, the absence of Leo is felt everywhere you look, but we try to minimise it. The important thing is the level of the team. Neymar and I help, but the other day Rakitic scored the goals and we won too.”

Sergio Busquets

“We are in a dynamic in which [other teams] come into our area and they score. We have to fix it so that when we play the biggest games we aren’t penalised as much.”

“I wasn’t close to the play, I only saw the red card [on Mascherano]. It’s no excuse, but it is an exclamation that’s used a lot in football, we shouldn’t be so sensitive. You’ve got to understand it.”

“Luis Suárez is a very important player for us, as is Neymar. They are players who make the difference. Behind them, we’re there to help them.”