Luis Enrique says victory was well-earned

Luis Enrique's team earned a clean sheet on Saturday night. / MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The FC Barcelona head coach says he’s proud of his team’s performance at a stadium that always provides a challenge

Sergio Busquets is singled out for praise following a sublime effort commanding the midfield

Content and satisfied. Those were the feelings evidenced by FC Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique Martínez follwing his team’s 2–0 victory at Getafe. “We played a very complete match. This field doesn’t usually suit us, but we played well from the start and we controlled the game,” he said. In addition, Luis Enrique added: “We didn’t suffer much, we attacked well, we were organised and we pressed very well.”

Luis Enrique, aware of the difficulty of the match, said: “Getafe are not easy opponents and the victory is based on our merit and not our rivals’ lack of merit.”

Key players

Luis Enrique wanted to emphasise, above all, midfielder Sergio Busquets.

“He is a unique player, basic for us,” he said. “He’s the best midfielder not only in Europe but in the world.”

“He stands out for his intelligence, how solid he is both offensively and defensively, as well the pressure he crates. He’s a key footballer who I try to rest whenever I can,” he added.

Luis Enrique also had words of praise for Sergi Roberto.

“He is in a very sweet moment that has to be seized,” he said.

And talking about Neymar, the coach said: “He gives us goals and assists, he’s growing and will continue to grow.”