Leo Messi features on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated with Leo Messi
The Argentinian forward is featured on the front of the North American publication ahead of the World Cup in Brazil

The player is wearing the official Argentina kit surrounded by Argentina’s flag

Sports Illustrated, one of the most prestigious sports publications in the world, turns its focus on the big-name players of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

Among them is Leo Messi, who will headline the edition of the magazine that will go on sale this Wednesday in the United States. Other players featured include Liverpool’s striker Luis Suárez, United States captain Clint Dempsey, and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sports Illustrated is one of the most influential publications in the world of sports. The 60-year-old magazine has created a unique and recognizable brand and the news of which athlete will be featured on the cover of the publication has become a highly anticipated event in the world of sports.