Top 10 statements from Luis Enrique's first press conference #LuchoIsBack

Luis Enrique, Bartomeu i Zubizarreta, a l'Auditori 1899 / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
“My team will attack. They will play attractive and effective football,” he says

He adds: “A manager is a leader. He needs to demonstrate knowledge when he manages the team”

Luis Enrique left us with many headlines in his short first press conference as FC Barcelona manager. Here’s a selection of what we believe to be his top 10 statements:

  • 1)“This is a very exciting and special day. We are going to build a new Barça. The challenge doesn’t frighten me, it’s one of the happiest days of my life.”
  • 2) “When I left Barça B they told me “see you later”. They’ve kept their word.”
  • 3) “I know how difficult this project will be, but I want to feel and hear the Barça anthem in the stadium and get to work.”
  • 4) “Barça are always demanding. I’m delighted with the challenge and the responsibility. I know it’s an added pressure to fight for title, but what a blessed pressure that is.”
  • 5) “Will I go hard on the players? I don’t know what you mean by that. I’m positive, always positive. I want to help the players because we need to an all-encompassing job on the pitch. Player tend to have an individual focus and my objective is to make them thing collectively. We need to communicate. I will be very demanding in my role.”
  • 6) “My team will attack. We will play attractive football, the same style that has hooked millions of people from around the world. We will have possession, and if it’s in our rival’s half of the pitch, even better.”
  • 7) “There will be changes, we will try reinforce ourselves in the best way possible. One year at Barça is not a normal year. If you aren’t at the required level, things need to change. Every line will be reinforced and the better the new players are, the better off we all are.”
  • 8) “A manager is a leader. He needs to demonstrate knowledge when it comes to managing the group, the egos, the personalities, and motivation.”
  • 9) “I’m delighted to have Leo Messi, the best player in the world, on the team. It’s something that motivates me.”
  • 10) “I will give the youth players a chance. I love to use young players. From them I demand hunger and ambition.”