Bartra: "We are very eager to make our fans happy"

The center back is optimistic ahead of next week’s La Liga decider against Atlético Madrid

“The match against Atlético will be a final, we know that we nee to win,” says Mascherano

The center back Marc Bartra talked to the press after the goalless draw with Elche, and he’s convinced that his team can win the league title at the Camp Nou against Atlético Madrid next Saturday: “I’m very positive, we’re going to go all out, we are going to win a very competitive league.” Bartra acknowledged that he’s currently on goof form and full of confidence: “Personally I’m very pleased with how things are going, I feel important, I think I’ve matured, and not I’m focused on winning the league.”

The center back admitted that it was no simple task to play against Elche and keep tabs on the result of the match at the Calderón, but he’s proud of how his teammates approached this afternoon’s showdown with Elche: “I was always sure that we could have scored at any moment but we also had to be savvy on defence. It was all a bit crazy, but we stayed cool and now it will all be decided at home.”

Bartra went on to say that his team is strong, and that they are very eager to win the title: “Everything has happened to us this season, both on and off the pitch. This team is very strong psychologically, and now we have to get ready for Saturday. We can’t think in terms of who’s favourite, all we have to do is focus on the match – it’s at home and in front of our fans. We are very eager to make our fans happy.”

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the game:


“We played against a rival that’s fighting to stay in the top tier of spanish football and they made it difficult for us.”

“Football is about trying and giving it your all. Today we lacked a bit of luck in the final 20 meters, but we gave it our all.”

“The match against Atlético will be a final, we know that we need a victory, but we’re very eager to play it. We want it to be a true party.”

“Next week will be good, whatever is going to happen will be beautiful, perhaps it might be the last match with Barça for some of us.”

Dani Alves:

“Everything has happened to us this season, but we have another chance to win La Liga. Now we have to focus on Atlético.”

“It’s very hard to achieve your goals, the fact that all three teams didn’t win today brings more validity to success.”

“If we truly deserve the title, we have to prove it against Atlético, we have a chance to win La Liga. We have to give everything we have.”


“It will be a unique match, we have to focus solely on this game against Atlético. We can’t hold anything back.”

“Today we created chances, we had our opportunities. We tried to win until the end, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

“The draw allows us to stay in the fight and it’s a good prize to play for the league at home.”

“We were patient, we didn’t go crazy and we didn’t run risks. We wanted to win, but the draw allows us to play the decider at home.”

“It will be a match full of nerves and anxiety, but we have to control our emotions – we will have a very tough rival in front of us, we have to chance to win a very important title.”