Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona are both banging plenty of goals away, but which team has scored the most this season?

Atlético and Barça already met earlier this season in the Spanish Supercup
Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona and leading the league at the moment, but are also leading in several other respects

Here we provide a series of curiosities related with the huge FC Barcelona v Atlético Madrid match this weekend, between two teams that have both been playing some truly remarkable football this season.

  • FC Barcelona are the top scorers in La Liga with 53 goals (2.9 per game), while Atlético are third on the same count with 47 goals (2.6 per game). But away from home it’s the mattress-makers who have found the target the most times, 33 (1.8), with Barça second on 31 (1.7).

  • Barça top the list in terms of team as opposed to individual goals, 36 out of 53 (67.9%), while Atlético is third with 22 (46.8%), showing that ultimately, it is good teamwork that pays.

  • Atlético have scored the most goals from inside the penalty area (38) but are fourth from inside the six-yard box (8). Meanwhile, Barça are second in terms of goals inside the penalty area (34) but top from inside the six-yard box (12).

  • Barça are the third highest scoring team from outside the area (7), while Atlético have only scored once from such a long range, and are down in 19th in this particular list.

  • FCB have the most goals scored with the right foot, 33, and Atlético are fourth with 22. Moving over to the left, and Barça are second with 16 and Atlético third with 15. But the red-and-whites come out tops in headed goals (8), five more than Barça (3).

  • Barça have made the second highest number of shots 287 (15.9 a game) with Atlético sixth with 253 (14.1 a game). Of these, Barça are second in terms of shots on target with 141 (49.1%) and Atlético are third with 119 (47%).

  • FC Barcelona have made the second highest number of goals assists (36) and Atlético are third (26).

  • Barça come out tops in almost all aspects of passing. They have the highest overall total (12,726) and the highest total for completed passes (11,051), an impressive 86.84% of the total attempts.

  • Atlético Madrid, meanwhile, have made a vastly inferior 8,453 passes (9th), of which 6,430 (76.1%) have been completed (9th).

  • Still on passes, FC Barcelona have stringed the longest series together, an amazing 45, while the best Atlético have managed is 28.

  • Curiously, Barça are top of the list for goals from plays involving six or more players, but last when it comes to plays involving just one to three players, clear evidence of Barça’s team style and lack of dependence on individuals.

  • Another curious thing is that Barça have backheeled the ball the most times (62), while Atlético are way down in eighteenth with 26.