Six previous games against City all friendlies

Barça captain Johan Cruyff exchanging penants with the City captain before the game to mark the Club's 75th anniversary. PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.
The last time the two met was in the 2009 Joan Gamper Trophy.

Manchester City and Barça is the standout game in the last 16 of the Cahmpions League, butthe two have never before met in an official match, though they have played six friendly games, starting with a 1952 game at Les Corts and more recently the 2009 Joan Gamper Trophy at the Camp Nou.

There have also been some historic moments, with City playing in teh game to mark Barça’s 75th anniversary in 1974 and Barça returning the favour to mark the opening of City’s new ground a quarter of a century later.

Here’s a full run down of the six friendlies:

02-06-1952. Les Corts (Barcelona).
FC Barcelona: Velasco (Caldentey, 46), Calvet, Brugué, Segarra, Escudero, Bosch, Torra, Aldecoa, Kubala, Moreno and Gràcia.
Manchester City: Trautmann, Branagam, Rigby, Westwosrd, Paul, McCourt, Meadows, Williamson, Smith, Spurdle and Clarke.
Goals: Kubala (19’, 21’, 56’), Torra (20’), Gràcia (68’).

08-05-1957. Les Corts (Barcelona).
FC Barcelona: Estrems, Seguer, Biosca, Gràcia, Flotats, Segarra (Bosch), Tejada, Villaverde (Sampedro, 30), Martínez (Vicedo), Evaristo and Camps.
Manchester City: Trautmann, Leivers, Ewing, Sear, Phoenix, Paul, McCiellans, Kirkman, Jonstone, Hayes and Clarke.
Goals: Villaverde (9’), Tejada (77’), Sampedro (78’).

12-11-1974. Camp Nou (Barcelona).
FC Barcelona: Sadurní, Rifé (De la Cruz, 46), Gallego, Marinho (Juanito, 78), Albaladejo, Migueli, Juan Carlos,Marcial, Heredia, Cruyff and Sotil.
Manchester City: McRae, Barret, Donachie, Henson, Clarck, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Marsh (Leman, 46),Keegan and Tweart.
Gols: Juan Carlos (3’), Cruyff (53’), Marinho (59’).

15-08-1986. Municipal Huelva. Torneig Colombino (semifinal).
FC Barcelona: Urruti, Gerardo, Migueli, Julio Alberto, Víctor (Pedraza, 70), Fradera, Carrasco (Clos, 80), Calderé,Robert, Hughes and Marcos (Esteban, 70).
Manchester City: Suckling, Reid (Brigthwell, 41), May, Clements, McCarthy, Redmond, Davies, McNab, Christie (Kinsey, 23), Baker and Wilson.
Goals: 1-0: Robert (16′). 1-1: Wilson (50′).
*Manchester City won on penalties (3-4).

10-08-2003. City of Manchester (Manchester). Inauguration of the  Manchester City FC stadium).
Manchester City: Seaman, Sun Jihai, Sommeil (Dunne, 74), Distin, Tiatto, Wright-Phillips, Bosvelt (Barton, 74),Sinclair (Sibierski, 74), Ali Benarbia (Berkovic, 30), Anelka (Wanchope, 63), Fowler (Macken, 63).
FC Barcelona: Rustu, Puyol, Andersson (Gerard, 46), Reiziger, Òscar López (Ros, 83), Xavi (Márquez, 83), Cocu,Quaresma (Saviola, 46), Ronaldinho (David Sánchez, 83), Kluivert (Iniesta, 63), Overmars.
Goals: 1-0: Anelka (34’). 1-1: Saviola (58’). 2-1: Sinclair (67’).

19-08-2009. Camp Nou (Barcelona). Trofeu Joan Gamper.
FC Barcelona: Pinto, Montoya (Alves, 46), Fontàs (Henrique, 63), Puyol (Bartra, 31) (Piqué, 63), Maxwell (Muniesa,63), Touré (Thiago, 46), Sergio Busquets (Keita, 46), Gudjohnsen (Jonathan Dos Santos, 46), Pedro (Messi, 46), Bojan (Ibrahimovic, 46) and Jeffren (Gai Assulin, 54).
Manchester City: Given, Zabaleta (Garrido, 65), Dunne, K. Touré, Onuoha, Weiss, Wright-Philips (Tripper, 81),Ireland, Barry (Etuhu, 69), Petrov and Tévez (Bellamy, 64).
Goal: 0-1: Petrov (27’).