Below are some of the more curious facts and figures surrounding Friday’s derby game.

This Friday, Derby at the Camp Nou.
Xavi Hernández with 18, is the player still in action with most derby appearances at the Camp Nou.

Espanyol’s Simao Sabrosa played in a derby for Barça 13 years ago

Below are some of the more curious facts and figures surrounding Friday’s derby game 

–          The Barcelona derby has been played  159 times, with 89 wins for Barça, 36 draws and 34 defeats..

 – At the Camp Nou, Barça have won 61 times, drawn 10 and lost on 9 occasions.

 – Xavi Hernández is the player still in action who has played most times in the derby – his first at the Camp Nou was in the 1998/99 season, when Barça won 3-0.

 – Xavi has been in the squad for all of the last 18 derby games at the Camp Nou, playing in 15 of them and scoring 4 goals. Of those 18 games, 13 ended in victory, 4 were drawn and there was just one defeat.

 – Of the other players in the Barça squad, Iniesta and Puyol have played against Espnyol 10 times at the Camp Nou, Valdés 9 and  Messi 8.

 – Messi made his home derby debut during the 2006/07 season, scoring both of Barças goals. He has gone on to score five more against the team’s city rivals.

 –  Espanyol’s Simao Sabrosa played against his current side for Barça in the 1999/00 and 2000/01 seasons.

 – In September 1999, the Portuguese winger started on the bench, whilst a year later he played the first 45 minutes in the 4-2 win.

 – Simao is currently the Espanyol player who has made most crosses this season – 69 compared to Barça’s leading crosser,  Xavi  with 49.

 – 49  is also the number of shots Leo Messi has had so far this season (more than any other player in the team), against Espanyol’s  leading shot maker, ex-Barça striker Sergio García  who has had 20.