Messi: “Luckily, my injury is a thing of the past”

The Argentinian says he’s “completely recovered” and that he’s very eager to start the new season

“We’ve very sorry for everything that’s happened to Tito but the team is strong. We have to keep on moving forward,” says Messi

Leo Messi played his first 45 minutes of the 2013/14 preseason this evening as Barça took on Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. “Luckily, my injury is a thing of the past. I’ve completely recovered. I’m very eager to start the season,” said the Argentinian. The forward then went on to talk about Tito Vilanova’s departure from the team: “We’re very sorry for what has happened but the team is strong. We have to keep on moving forward.” Lastly, he was very clear that he had nothing to do with the appointment of Barça’s new manager, Gerardo Martino.

Alexis, however, did talk about the new coach: “I’m very eager to meet him. In Chile he’s held in high regard.” The Chilean is hopeful that he can maintain the form he had at the end of last season, and he showed himself to be just as eager for the new season as Messi: “I’m really looking forward to playing with Neymar, Messi, Iniesta … with all of them! What a great team!”

The following are statements made by some of the Barça players after the match:


“It was a complicated match. Bayern are on better form than we are and it was obvious.”

“I’m very eager to start working with Martino.”

“I have to keep on giving 100% and try to win my spot in the starting line-up regardless of who the manager is.”


“We finished the first match of the preseason. We didn’t get a good result but the match helped us improve and get in shape.”

Sergi Gómez

“Playing at the Allianz is an experience. It wasn’t a good result but it was a positive experience.”