Messi and @Njr92 will lead Barça's attack next season. Which duo is the best in Club history?

Neymar Jr and Messi
The Argentinian and the Brazilian will pair up to lead Barça’s attack next season

Before them, Kubala and César, Cruyff and Sotil, Kluivert and Rivaldo or Ronaldinho and Eto’o left their mark on the Club

Leo Messi and Neymar Jr will feature for the same team next season. The two footballers, who recently played against each other in a charity match, will form an attacking duo that could very well mark an era in Blaugrana football.

Deluge of goals at Les Corts

Barça’s first great attacking duo was formed by Césat Rodríguez (1942-55) and Ladislao Kubala (1951-61), two players who devoured defences at Les Corts Stadium for four years. The Hungarian revolutionised Barça in the 1950s with his tremendous skill and César played his ‘Number 9’ role to perfection. The two of them scored a total of 571 goals for the Blaugrana (291 for César and 280 for Kubala).

Peruvian-Dutch connection

Another legendary pair in FC Barcelona history was Johan Cruyff (1973-78) and Hugo Sotil (19733-76). The two players started their Barça careers in the summer of ’73, and the Dutchman’s magic, combined with Sotil’s mobility, allowed Barça to win the league title that season. The two players continued on at Barça for two additional seasons, until 1976, when Sotil returned to Peru.

Heroes of the 1982 Cup Winners Cup

Three years later, in 1979, the Dane Allan Simonsen (1979-82) arrived to Can Barça where he paired up with Quini (1980-84). The two players shared the same team for only two seasons, but in that time they won the Copa del Rey and the Cup Winners Cup. Simonsen and Quini both scored in the final against Standard Liège (2-1).

Nearly two dreamlike seasons

The most devastating duo of the 90s was made up by Hristo Stoitxkov (1990-95 and 1996-98) and Romario (1993-95). In addition Laudrup’s creative contribution, the Bulgarian and the Brazilian were the embodiment of attitude, power, accuracy and imagination on the pitch, a lethal combination that carried FC Barcelona to its fourth consecutive Liga title and to the final of the Champions League. The two footballers went on to seduce the world with their football in the 1994 World Cup.

Golden combination

Patrick Kluivert (1998-04) and Rivaldo (1997-02) led FC Barcelona into the 21st century. The combination of the Dutchman’s elegant right foot with the Brazilian’s left proved lethal to Barça’s opponents. They carried the team to a 1998/99 Liga title, and that same year, despite playing on the wing under Van Gaal’s orders, the Brazilian claimed the Ballon d’Or award.

Magic and character

The most recent duo to grace the Camp Nou’s pitch was made up by Ronaldinho (2003-08) and Samuel Eto’o (2004-09). They helped the team to back-to-back league titles in 2005 and 2006, as well as the Champions League crown. The two players combined for a total of 263 goals. Ronaldinho led the team with his creativity and Eto’o stood out for this pace, hunger in front of goal and character.