Roura: “We took an important step today”

Jordi Roura is pleased with the effort put in by the team against Zaragoza, but he cautions: “we have seven games left, 21 points are still in play. Mathematically, we aren’t champions”

After the match against Zaragoza Jordi Roura said, “the result is excellent! La Liga is basic, it’s our number one objective. The players that played today aren’t our usual starters, and they’ve been helping us out for weeks now. We were a great team today.” He added: “It has been a long week but we weren’t thinking about reserving players today. We selected the players that we simply thought were in the best condition to play.”

The assistant manager went on to praise his men: “it’s true that Tello played a great match, he gave us a lot of depth. But Song, Thiago, Bartra, Montoya … They all played well! I’m very pleased and proud of the members of this team.”

La Liga, one step at a time

Roura also noted that this Sunday’s match against Zaragoza “was uncomfortable because of who we were up against, because of the stadium, because of the heat, etc. If we had not been focused, we would not have won.”

The 0-3 victory was Barça’s 26th win of the season and it secured three more point for the league leaders, but the assistant manager urged his men to remained focused on the ultimate goal: “we still have seven matches left, 21 points are still in play. Therefore, we aren’t champions yet. We took an important step today. On Saturday, against Levante, we’ll try to take another.”