FCBEscola presents its sponsors

Barrufet, Dueñas, Fusté and Amor, FCBEscola sponsors / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB
Guillermo Amor, Josep Maria Fusté, Carles Rexach, Roberto Dueñas and David Barrufet are the five men that will be acting as sponsors overseeing the futures of the almost 30,000 children attending FCBEscola around the world

These sponsors will represent FCBEscola at the different events that it organises and will support national and international projects

Thursday marked the official presentation of the five sponsors of FCBEscola on the fields next to the Miniestadi, the usual training grounds used by the academy. The Club has decided to introduce the very traditional Catalan figure of a ‘padrino’, who will act as guardians and overseers of the 30,000 boys and girls attending FCBEscola and the projects it runs around the world, always observing the exceptionally high standards of FC Barcelona.

Former FC Barcelona footballers Guillermo Amor, Josep Maria Fusté and Carles Rexach, and former basketball and handball player respectively, Roberto Dueñas and David Barrufet, will be providing their experience to help with the development of the children at FCBEscola both in a sporting and educational sense.

Proud to be chosen

The protagonists all described what an honour it has been to be chosen and have gratefully accepted this new responsibility.

According to the technical director of youth football at FC Barcelona, Guillermo Amor, “being sponsors of a project like FCBEscola is something to be grateful for, and personally it’s a joy because I am part of the Club and those of us working in youth football keep a very close eye on what is happening here … We sponsors have to be here, because we all appreciate the importance of youth sport and football”.

Josep Maria Fusté added that FCBEscola “is about teaching people, not just footballers, and they deserve all the luck in the world”. Former Barça basketball star Roberto Dueñas agreed, saying that “I am proud that they thought of me and wherever there’s a relationship between sport and young people, I’ll be there. Activities like this are always positive for children.” And finally, FC Barcelona’s former handball goalkeeper explained that “although people are always thinking about the professionals, the youth players are what really matter. My son is here, and it’s a joy to watch him work”.