Do you know that Tito Vilanova has managed FC Barceona in Allianz Arena?

In 2008/09, Tito Vilanova took the place of the suspended Guardiola / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ – FCB
The current Barça manager was also in charge of Barça’s last Champions League match at the Allianz Arena in 2008/09, due to Guardiola being suspended

Tito Vilanova is returning to Bayern Munich’s stadium four years after sitting in the hotseat in the second leg of a Champions League quarter final. He took over as head coach because Pep Guardiola was suspended for protesting a clear penalty on Messi in the first leg at the Camp Nou. Not only had the referee refused to heed Barça’s protests, but the Argentinian and his manager were both shown cards.

Draw to qualify

The date was April 14, 2009, and the game ended 1-1. That was more enough for FCB after they had hammered the Bavarians 4-0 at the Camp Nou. Barça went on to the semi finals, were they would succumb to eventual champions Chelsea.