Barça and Bayern – the two teams with most possession in the Champions League

Ribery (Bayern) against Juventus. PHOTO:
The Champions League semi-final between Barça and Bayern will pit the two teams with most possession in the competition against each other – Barça average 68%, whilst Bayern average 57% .

On Tuesday 23rd April, Barça and Bayern will face off in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final in Munich. It will be the coming together of two teams who boast the highest possession figures of the competition and below we compare some other stats between the two from this year’s Champions League.

Possession: Barça are the tem with most control over the ball in the competition, with an average of 68% possession, with Bayern behind them on 57%.

Passes: Tito Vilanova’s team are also out in front here, with 7.910 passes and 83% of them successful. Bayern are second, with 6.011 passes, 76% successful. Xavi is the player who has made most passes – 1,143, followed by Iniesta (693) and Jordi Alba (680). Philipp Lahm is the Bayern player who has made most passes – 667.

Assists: Xavi, for Barça, and Lahm, for Bayern Munich, are the two players with most assists going into the semi-final, with four each and they are also the outfield players with most minutes played: Lahm  has played 810 and Xavi 801.

Goals: Bayern are the second highest scorers in the competition with 22 goals, whilst Barça are fifth with 18 . Messi is the competition’s leading scorer with eight goals, whereas Muller leading the Bayern scorers with five.

Shots on target: Barça have made 91 shots, one more than Bayern and Messi is the second player with most attempts, 27, behind Madrid’s Ronaldo. For the Germans, Toni Kroos is tenth in the list, with 17 shots.

Fouls committed: Of the four semi-finalists, Barça are the team who have committed fewest fouls (87), whilst Bayern have committed most (137) and the two have both received 151 fouls. Barça have picked up 18 yellow cards, whist Bayern have been shown 24.