Top 10 quotes from Javier @Mascherano's press conference this afternoon

Mascherano and Busquets / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.
The Argentinian spoke to the press after the team’s training session this afternoon. Here’s a selection of his most notable quotes

Javier Mascherano spoke to the press this afternoon to give his thoughts on the team’s current form. We’ve picked out what we believe to be his ten most interesting comments during his press conference.

Mascherano’s press conference

1. “The best way to lift ourselves is to think about what we’ve got left. We have to think positively

2. “The only way to improve is by working hard and having a positive, winning mentality”

3.The positive thing is that it’s in our hands and football is always better when you’re not depending on other results going your way

4. “We don’t have to go crazy, just to have the serenity and humility to find what we’re missing and from there go back to being the team we were a few weeks ago

5.Jordi Roura was brave enough to take over and team has nothing but admiration for him and the way he has dealt with it”

6. “Sometimes the results just don’t come and it feels like it’s all caving in. But as long as we stay calm, we’ll get through this

7.It is very easy to only analyse the last fortnight rather than the last five years. If anybody doubts the system, this club’s ideas, they should look back at the last five years and that should clear up any doubts

8.Tito would love to be here with us, but we must remember that the priority is his treatment and getting cured”

9. “A great manager I had told me that success wears your down. It makes you believe you’re more important than you really are”

10. “Messi is judged because in the last five games he’s scored three goals, not ten”