Jordi Roura: “I look at the players and I’m optimistic”

Jordi Roura press conference / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The Barça boss insisted that the team had trained well this week and are keen to beat Deportivo: “to keep our lead at the top of the table”

“The more atmosphere there is, the better”

Jordi Roura also reckons that the atmosphere at the Camp Nou is a key element for his team: “the more atmosphere there is in the ground, the better it is for us. It’s down to us to get the crowd going with the way we play and we just want as much atmosphere as possible”.

“From what I’ve seen of the players, they are concentrated on Saturday’s game and keen to turn the tie around against Milan”
“This Saturday’ s game is very important for us, we have to keep the lead we have at the top”

The team face four big days and Jordi Roura is well aware of what awaits them: “we hope it will be a better week than the one before last – I look at the players and I’m optimistic”. Roura also insisted that Saturday’s game is his main focus: “this Saturday’ s game is very important for us, we have to keep the lead we have at the top”.

As Roura explained: “when things are going well, people are often just too euphoric – but when we lose, there is too much pessimism. For us, the league is very important and there is still a long way to go before we can say we’ve won it. We have to play each game as it comes along”.

Players are focussed

Jordi Roura also believes that the free week the team have had has allowed them to do some good preparation for the upcoming games: “they are very competitive players and they feel really bad when we are not at the level we want to be at. We’ve trained really well this week and the players look really focussed on Saturday and determined to fight back on Tuesday”.

The Barça coach also revealed that he’d be making changes in his starting line up on Saturday night, whilst concentrating on keeping a clean sheet: “we have to try and not concede a goal – if we can do that on Saturday, it’ll help us on Tuesday too, though our main aim is of course to go out and win the game”.

Three man defence

As to tactics, Roura explained: “a three man defence is one of our tactical options. We’ll decide to use it or not as the game develops. We all want to turn the tie around on Tuesday, but we have to ensure that happens with hard work and action”.

Grateful for President’s support

Jordi Roura then thanked the President Sandro Rosell for his public support: “I want to thank him, but I’m just doing my job. We are following the guidelines which are being laid down for us. The President is always welcome in the changing room – he can come along whenever he wants to”

Roura spoke of the four game suspension handed down to Victor Valdés: he’s sadder than anybody about losing those four games. The Club have appealed and we’ll have to see how that turns out, but we do have Pinto, who always plays well when he’s called in”. Finally, Roura revealed that he will be keeping a close eye on the progress Xavi is making over the next few days and hopes that he’ll be back in time to help the team.