Camp Nou to feature Barça mosaic against Milan

Imatge del mosaic. FOTO: FCB
A total of 90,000 cards will make up the Barca colours and those of the Catalan flag as well as the central slogan

This Tuesday, for the match against Milan, Camp Nou will look at its best for another great night of European football. Members and fans will have the chance to show the world a mosaic in the Barca colours and the colours of the Catalan flag. The central slogan of the mosaic will read “Som un Equip” (“We are a team”), in one of the most important matches of the season.

90,000 cards will be distributed throughout Camp Nou, except in the third tier, the area reserved for those fans coming to support Milan. This will be the second mosaic display of the season, following the one last October in the league match against Real Madrid