Andoni Zubizarreta: “We weren't looking for the draw, our intent is to always win”

Zubizarreta / PHOTO: Archive - FCB
“We’re a Club that is used to difficult times, but we never give up,” says FC Barcelona’s director of football

“We have to recover from this match because we face Deportivo next week,” explains Zubizarreta

After the 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu, Andoni Zubizarreta said that “we weren’t looking for the draw” and that Barça’s intent “is always to win.” Zubi went on to say that “in a competition you sometimes win and sometimes your competitors do” and he added that “the Liga is very long and we’ll try to overcome these circumstances.”

FC Barcelona’s director of football, when asked who performed the best for Barça this afternoon, said “I rarely talk about who was the best player and who was the worst, but Valdés played exceptionally well, as did other players.” In addition, he noted that “Messi participated, but we weren’t able to link up with him in the second half.”

Lastly, Zubizarreta commented that “we’re a Club that is used to difficult moments, but we never give up. We always compete, that’s our history.”