.@3gerardpique's top 10 coments ahead of tomorrow's match against AC Milan

We’ve selected what we believe to be the most insightful comments made by the centre back ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League clash with AC Milan

Here’s a selection of Gerard Piqué‘s top 10 comments from this afternoon’s press conference ahead of tomorrow’s decisive Champions League match against AC Milan.

 Piqué’s press conference

1) “I have a feeling that we can do it. I honestly believe that we have the team, the talent and the players to make it to the next round.”

2) “We’re going up against one of the big teams in Europe, AC Milan, who have a long history of winning the Champions League and the Italian league. They are a very complicated rival, but we have the Camp Nou on our side and one of the best FC Barcelona teams in Club history.”

3) “We have to try and get the fans involved from the first minute. The people need to believe. Historically we’ve been a very pessimistic Club. If you don’t believe, leave your ticket for your children or free up your seat. Tomorrow we need 90,000 people who believe we can go through to the next round.”

4) “We have scored 20 more goals than the team in second place. We don’t lack accuracy in front of goal. We’re going to play against an Italian team and we know they are going to play, even though it’s Milan, an Italian-style match. We will have our chances and I’m sure the game will be decided by small details.”

5) “We went through 90 years where we won the league or the Cup but nothing important. Cruyff arrived and he changed out mentality. After [he left] we backslid a bit, but with Rijkaard and Guardiola we changed our history completely. We need to have confidence in this team. It seems as though our memory fails us. This team can do this and much more.”

6) “We need qualify for the next round for ourselves, not to prove our critics wrong. We’re 13 points ahead of the team in second place, our season has been brilliant.”

7) “I think that referees need to be professionalised. They should work 40 hours to prepare for a match. It seems as though one cannot tell a referee he’s made a mistake, even though they do make mistakes.”

8) “I would love for it to repeat itself (in reference to the match against Inter years ago) when the fans were 100% behind us. Those are the days when Barça is at its best.”

9) “We’ve been playing against teams that close themselves off at the back for five years, the problem is that Milan are specialists in this. It will be very complicated. We need to open up the pitch, move the ball quickly, take advantage of the pitch and the chances will come. I’m confident that we’ll have many chances.”

10) “We’ve been a team that has always played smart football and tomorrow we need to be smart. Sometimes you have to play with your heart, especially in the final minutes of match.”